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Meet Sophia
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with the heart of an educator.

Sophia passion is empowering women to embrace their bodies and achieve their highest levels of health. An unapologetic lover of food, Sophia despises restrictive diets and refuses to food-shame. She earned her nutrition degree from Bastyr University, the world’s foremost naturopathic medical school. There, she learned to blend science with real world experience to bring an expert level of care to all women who desire healthy bodies and healthy babies. Specializing in ovulation and general fertility care, Sophia has helped hundreds of women nourish their bodies and build beautiful families at long last.

Meet Caitlin
Caitlin Johnson is an integrative and functional medicine dietitian.

She takes a holistic approach to women’s health. Harnessing the healing power of food along with positive lifestyle changes she helps women improve hormones and their chances of getting pregnant. Being diagnosed with PCOS at 18, combatting weight and infertility herself, she brings a unique experience to her clients’ and their treatment protocols. She understands the daily struggles and has a sense of empathy and compassion that you will hear in her voice.

She loves to serve women that struggle with PCOS, infertility, and the related symptoms: inability to lose weight, acne, hirsutism. She has helped clients by supporting healthy pregnancies, postpartums and breastfeeding journeys.

Having graduated from California Polytechnic University with a degree in Nutrition and Biology, her many years serving in church ministry, Caitlin’s science based and compassionate approach have nourished clients menus and souls.

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Sperm Quality
By caitlin
Fertility Dietitians
Seed Cycling
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By caitlin
Sperm Quality
By caitlin
Fertility Dietitians
Seed Cycling
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