How Your Body Communicates Ovulation to You, with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

Fertility Dietitians

Lisa is an expert in the fertility awareness method (hereby referred to as FAM) and she authored a book called “The Fifth Vital Sign”. 

Lisa discovered FAM right after highschool when she struggled with her own menstrual irregularities. She quickly discovered that the pill wasn’t solving her problem, it was simply deferring it. Then she discovered FAM! 

Ladies, she was also one of us who believed the lie that you can get pregnant every day of the month, and that you can get pregnant every time you have sex. That’s when she was 19, and now she’s 36! Not only that, she’s never had a pregnancy she didn’t plan. How amazing is that??

Now, I know here we are more concerned with getting pregnant than not. So next, Caitlin and Lisa go into the truth about sex timing and conception. The truth is, ovulation is subject to delay. Different things in our lives (stresses, food, illness, etc.) can delay the timing in our ovaries! This means simply counting days on the calendar won’t give you the answers you are looking for when you are TTC. 

That is why Lisa and Caitlin spend time talking about Cervical Mucus, Cervical Position and tracking your Basal Body Temperature to start understanding your cycle and if you are ovulating, when, and what to pay attention to if something is wrong.

You can check out Lisa and her work at: 

Instagram: @FertilityFriday
Twitter: @FertileFriday

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