Caitlin’s Experience with Infertility

Fertility Dietitians

We start this episode off by talking about how pain isn’t normal. If you have painful periods, pain during sex, or pelvic pain of any kind, go find a specialist! Because girl, you’re worth it 🙂

The specialist I saw in San Diego works for SheFit, and she is the best. If you’ve got some issues and you’re in the San Diego area, check out

Here Caitlin shares her struggles with PCOS, IUD’s, timed intercourse, delayed ovulation, and the joy of finally conceiving. 

Caitlin was told to pee on a lot of ovulation strips. A LOT. Because most women ovulate about 14 days before the bleed. So, if your cycles are 90 days long like Caitlin’s were, you roll through a LOT of strips. Here is the pack she bought. P.S. she found out she was ovulating around day 46.

Some of the tools Caitlin used were: working with a naturopath on adrenal health, thyroid health, uterine blood flow, exercise, and of course lots of fertility friendly foods. 

Part of her supplement regimen involved Adrenal Support, herbal blood sugar support, myo-inositol, liver support, CoQ10, fish oil, and a probiotic. Plus a musty concoction of chinese herbs. Wow. Even her husband was taking an antioxidant and maca to help his swimmers pick it up. 

Special note: Caitlin and Sophia are not advocates of popping pills or supplements for everything. We believe in food first, always. However, even if you eat all the perfect things there are still times in life when you need some extra support. This was one of those times for Caitlin.

In addition to all the things she did to support her and her husband’s bodies, Caitlin shares a bit about protecting and supporting her and her husband’s marriage and sex life during this delicate time. 

When Caitlin was first diagnosed with PCOS, she was told her fertility journey would be really challenging. She went into her conception journey ready for BIG problems, but instead she found hope and joy in the process.

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