You are Pregnant, Now What: labwork, diet and choosing care providers

In this episode of Food, Freedom and Fertility your hosts Caitlin Johnson and Sophia Pavia focus their attention to what to do after you have conceived.  This is an important discussion after so much time dedicated to the conception of your baby. 

Caitlin and Sophia discuss what supplements are the most important to start and also which ones to stop upon finding out you are pregnant they also chat about what lab testing and other important questions to discuss with your provider and why it is important to advocate for yourself. One way to ensure the best care possible is to create a roster of care providers that fit your needs. Caitlin and Sophia help you determine exactly what type of services should be on that roster.

This is a wonderful episode for so many women that have been trying to conceive and have achieved the positive test result or those that just want to prepare for the future.

Book: Real Food for Pregnancy

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