Enjoying the Holidays when TTC

In this episode of Food, Freedom and Fertility Caitlin and Sophia help you find a way through the holiday season while trying to conceive. Caitlin Johnson is back from her maternity leave and ready to give you tons of tips and pointers to not only get you through this holiday season but make it enjoyable while TTC.

One of the biggest reminders is to be mindful of your choices. One quick way to ensure you are going to have some sort of healthy food at parties or dinners is offer to bring a salad or dish that fits your nutritional goals. Caitlin and Sophia remind you to think of the holidays as a day and not the next 6 weeks. The best goal for the holiday season while TTC is BE FLEXIBLE of your definition of healthy during this time, give yourself some grace.

If you would like specific list of “eat this not that” foods, there is an episode from November/December 2020 that can help you when it comes to specific food choices.



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