Podcasting Anniversary

Jul 5, 2021 ,

It’s the one-year anniversary of the Food Freedom and Fertility podcast! Join Caitlin and Sophia for a year in the life of the podcast. They discuss some favorite podcast episodes, topics and guests. The goal of this podcast has always been to help listeners navigate the world of nutrition and fertility. Sophia and Caitlin are guided by what listeners need and want to help their fertility journey. As hosts Caitlin and Sophia offer a unique perspective since both have experienced the road to conception.

Food Freedom and Fertility was born in Caitlin’s kitchen when she was chatting with Sophia and Caitlin’s mom said how informative and fun their banter was. After a long process of website creation, episode recording and life in general the podcast went live on July 4th 2020. Both Caitlin and Sophia’s personal businesses have flourished since virtual appointments became popular during 2020. They have created online courses and support groups that has made it possible for them to reach so many more people. The women agree that their greatest delight is that they can help you and your fertility journey.

Be sure to listen to the end as Sophia and Caitlin are offering an amazing giveaway opportunity to their listeners. Caitlin and Sophia are moving in to this 2nd year of the podcast propelled by what you need and plan to bring more exciting and fun stuff your way.

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