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Dr Carrie Jones Podcast Episode 

On today’s episode we have Dr. Carrie Jones, a naturopathic doctor and the medical director at Precision Analytical’s DUTCH test – AKA the Hormone Doctor herself! She loves to empower women to understand more about their bodies so that they can advocate for themselves. We dive in with Dr. Jones to talk more about what women can do that struggle with estrogen dominance and endometriosis, since so many women suffer from these conditions and no one ever prepares us how to navigate them. 

Many times we find women who are diagnosed with endometriosis face multiple dead-end suggestions by their doctors: 1) suck it up and move on; 2) go on birth control to treat symptoms; or 3)… get pregnant. Well- we know these are not ideal solutions to our problems. Many women go years without getting a proper diagnosis and therefore suffer from crazy symptoms for far too long, just to get tossed birth control as the end-all-be-all solution. Does this sound all too familiar?! 

In this episode, we discuss how endometriosis should properly be diagnosed, how it can disrupt the TTC process, foods that can help estrogen detox, and natural techniques to detox our livers of estrogen. We also review the mechanism of how soy is linked to estrogen, the hidden beauty of castor oil, and how valuable unpeeled organic carrots can be. 

Dr. Jones discusses estrogen detoxification in depth; the 1st and 2nd step happening in the liver and the 3rd step happening in the kidney. In the liver, phase 1 and phase 2 rely on veggies like broccoli, kale, unpeeled organic carrots, and brussel sprouts to detox optimally (cruciferous veggies).  Magnesium, zinc, and choline are also essential to detoxing in the second phase within the liver. She elaborates on the mechanism of why these veggies aid estrogen detox. The third step in the estrogen detox process occurs in the kidneys and hydration helps this to run efficiently. So – make sure you are having regular bowel movements every day! We discuss more about staying hydrated, having a regular peeing schedule, and Dr. Jones’ favorite electrolyte powders. 

Have you ever wondered why you might feel bloated, have a ton of gas that could clear out a room, or have heartburn after a meal? Have you ever wondered how autoimmune diseases caused by gluten intolerance are formed? Dr. Jones shares with us techniques like how simply chewing your food completely with your mouth closed can really enhance digestion, absorption of nutrients, and prevent autoimmune diseases. 

Lastly, Dr. Jones discusses common patterns she sees on a DUTCH test that indicate estrogen dominance or low progesterone production with regards to endometriosis. She also talks about what an ideal cortisol, melatonin, and glutathione pattern should look like throughout the day on DUTCH test results.


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