Fertility and Binge Eating Recovery with Marissa Kai Miluk, MS, RDN Binge Eating & Body Image Coach

Jun 27, 2022 , ,


This week on Food, Freedom and Fertility we are joined by Marissa Kai Miluk who is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Body Image Coach. Marissa works with individuals who struggle with their relationship with food and body image. Her specialty is binge eating and through her practice, Behind the Binge, she helps individuals break free from restrictive eating patterns and reclaim trust with their body to move towards a more compassionate and enjoyable approach to health and well-being. When she isn’t working with clients she enjoys spreading the Anti-Diet message on Instagram @binge.nutritionist and through her podcast, Behind The Binge Pod. 


Marissa helps explain to listeners what exactly binge eating is. Binge is a word that has gained momentum over the past few years and Binge eating wasn’t a diagnosed eating disorder until 2013. A binge is a situation where you are eating a large quantity of food in one setting to a point of extreme fullness. You are stuffed but you can’t stop eating. Overeating  is different than binge. Binge is typically paired with a feeling of loss of control or a  sensation of almost blacking out. Marissa, Sophia and Caitlin share examples of what overeating looks like and what binge eating looks like.


Listener’s will get a general idea of what Binge Recovery looks like during this episode but can learn more from Marissa’s online course which you can find her. Binge Recovery is supportive of everything, including fertility. One big step is helping clients normalize fear of food and learning what can you add into your life to support your goals. Make other choices that help regulate your blood sugar or to help add value into your life in other ways. A question to ask yourself when recovering from binge eating is “What will help me have more of a fun and free experience?”


It is important to remember nothing is one size fits all, you must be sure to try new things and use what works for you and what can support you and also be compassionate with yourself!


If you are listening to this episode and it feels very much like your lifestyle patterns one tip that Marissa shares is to notice  pattern of your Binge Eating, reflect on what happens and then create a disruption. Remove yourself from that pattern and the environment.


To learn more, you can find Marissa via the links below:


IG: binge.nutritionist


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