Fertility after 35 with Coach Kela

Oct 25, 2021 ,

In this episode of Food Freedom and Fertility Sophia Pavia is solo hosting as Caitlin Johnson is on maternity leave. This week Sophia interviews Coach Kela Smith who is the CEO and program director of a company she created called the Hormone Puzzle Society, which is a women’s health hub for fertility, hormones and pregnancy.

Kela shares her personal story of conception by implementing her Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E method (plus cycle optimizing) that takes a holistic approach to readying the body for pregnancy from the inside out. Since then it has been her mission to help other women who are struggling with infertility and hormone imbalance to get pregnant and eliminate hormonal symptoms.

If you are trying to get pregnant after age 35 what are some big pointers from Coach Kela.  First is to test don’t guess!  Look at hormones, see what your levels are doing. Second you should look at your diet and lifestyle. There is a difference between healthy living and healthy fertility living. Third is to evaluate what toxins are you exposing yourself to. The fourth big pointer is to ensure you are on the appropriate supplements to support your journey. 

Sopha and Kela also discuss why  35 is considered the advanced maternal age and how that number was created and is it still valid. They also discuss a big item that helps decrease your systemic inflammation which helps your overall health.

If you would like more information about Coach Kela and her services you can book a discovery call through her website or connect via a direct message on Instagram. You can also find her at the links below.

Website: https://coachkela.com/media-page/

Instagram: Kela_Coach 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kelahealthcoach

Facebook Group: The Hormone Puzzle

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