Ovulation – What you need to know….

During this episode of Food Freedom and Fertility, hosts Sophia Pavia and Caitlin Johnson discuss details and important information regarding ovulation. As fertility specialists, Sophia and Caitlin receive tons of questions on ovulation. Today they will touch on the most common questions they receive about the subject. 

Our hosts will cover topics like: what is ovulation, ovulation timelines, ways to learn your body’s basic ovulation signals. The 3 big ovulation signs are:

  1. Cervical mucus (this being the most reliable)
  2. Cervical position
  3. Basal body temperature

The goal for this episode is to discuss the most common questions regarding ovulation and hopefully helps you understand a few things:

  1. Are you ovulating?
  2. When are you ovulating?
  3. How can you predict ovulation?
  4. How can you time intercourse well around ovulation?

For more detailed information on ovulation please check out Sophia and Caitlin’s websites for online course information.

Sophia Pavia’s Website

Caitlin Johnson’s Website

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