Men’s Preconception Health and Fertility and It’s Affect on Pregnancy Complications with Ayla Barmmer

On this week’s episode of Food, Freedom and Fertility Sophia and Caitlin welcome Ayla Barmmer with

Men’s Preconception Health and Fertility and It’s Affect on Pregnancy Complications with Ayla Barmmer. For over 15years, Ayla Barmmer, MS, RDN, LDN, has been advancing the health and empowerment of thousands of clients, patients, peers, and mentees, at the intersection of nutritional science, functional medicine, and evidence-based holistic solutions. Ayla is the founder and CEO of FullWell, a fertility wellness brand, widely endorsed by a diversity of health practitioners for its quality and education. While currently on sabbatical from private practice work, Ayla owns and operates Boston Functional Nutrition, an integrative and functional nutrition multi-clinician practice, that specializes in women’s health and infertility. Ayla also co-founded the Women’s Health Nutrition Academy in 2018, a leader in its field. 

Ayla is Here today to talk about the other side of the coin, and discuss men’s preconception health and fertility and Its effect on pregnancy complications. Dads are painted in such a negative light but in actuality most partners want to help and do their part. This episode will help male partners understand how their pre-conception lifestyle will affect pregnancy and the baby’s health as well as provide them with helpful info to optimize their sperm and overall well-being.

Ayla recommends that men should really start focusing on their pre-conception health at a minimum of 3 months but starting earlier would be best. Male partners can start making improvements to their diet and lifestyle to help reduce future risks. Ayla, Sophia and Caitlin want to remind everyone that it does not have to be an overnight change to your entire lifestyle. You can start slow and easy by adding in healthier options. Focus on adding healthy items vs taking away things you enjoy. 

A few key dietary and nutritional additions would be to eat more colorful produce, get enough b vitamins as they are important for sperm quality and Omega 3 fatty acids. Everyone should enjoy more Omega 3 in their lives!  Men should really avoid smoking, excess alcohol both of which cause oxidative stress on the body.  Steering clear of plastics is a quick and easy change. If you love your Keurig, it’s time to say goodbye as those little plastic packets with scalding hot water are major endocrine disrupters.

Ayla as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner looks to food as the first form of nutrition. She also acknowledges that there are a lot of extra pressures that are placed on the human body and that is where a quality supplement can be very beneficial.  Supplements can help fill the gaps and offset of modern-day stressor that we can’t control.

The dietary supplement that Ayla and her team has created is called Vitality and Virility Blend and it is formulated to meet the needs of men in reproductive years, it also serves as a multivitamin. It is optimized to support pre-conception and to support the needs of being a dad.  This blend is taken in 4 capsules a day and the reason behind the quantity is that some nutrients are so important and they take up capsule space, so 4 capsules a day allows for all the key supplements and the doses. But the good news is you can take this in lieu of your daily vitamin!

If you would like to learn more about Ayla and Boston Functional Nutrition you can find her via the links below.

Vitality + Virility  

Full Well 

Boston Functional Nutrition

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