TTC Friendly Food and Grocery Swaps

Jun 14, 2022 ,

On this week’s episode of Food, Freedom and Fertility Caitlin and Sophia are talking about grocery swaps! During this “eat this… not that” episode to help with your fertility journey and overall health! Our hosts start off with organization tips on how to curate your shopping list to fit your life which will help you kick off a successful grocery store trip. They also discuss the EWG’s new list of dirty dozen and clean fifteen. They dive into how important it is to look into your pantry items that carry some of these items and keep that in consideration when you are shopping. They also want to remind you if your budget needs some cushion check out frozen organic fruits and veggies for a healthy and budget friendly substitute. 

Sophia and Caitlin tour their kitchens and discuss the good and the not so good options such as which type of oils you should use for cooking and the reason behind it. They also suggest that cooking with fats such as butter, tao, good lard, chicken fat, duck fat are excellent options. If you are used to using Pam spray a good alternative is to swap it out for a spray bottle like a Misto Sprayer and put oil in it. You could also swap your Pam spray for olive oil or avocado spray instead. They also suggest using an actual maple syrup and not something like Log Cabin. Real maple syrup can taste different and may be an adjustment but if you are eating oils or syrup everyday it is best for your overall health. 

Other key foods of concern to find healthy alternatives would be your Teas and Coffee. You want to be sure that your tea and coffee are “Fair Trade”. Nut butters are another big flavor switch but totally worth it since most non-organic nut butters are palm oil aka processed seed oil and sugar. Speaking of nuts… it is a good idea to make your own trail mix so that you can include quality ingredients with healthier ratios and variety. 

For those of you who have comfort foods and childhood memories of things like hamburger helper and rideroni… their are copycat recipes on the web that you can make from home that are similar to the original product but you will need to plan ahead so these aren’t default options for when you are in need of something quick! Canned goods are another good item to have on hand for quick meal ideas. When you are buying canned goods you want to look at what the cans are lined with and made of. You want a Bisphenal free can: may not last as long but less toxic. Canned foods can be helpful in adding fiber, protein, vegetables to meals that take less work. But you want to make sure you are buying cans with a safer lining. Glass jars are great for tomato products or other products. Boxed products may be a good alternative. 

This episode also covers important info on choosing a good pasta option, flours, bone broth, cereals and much more! As always moderation is important. So keep that in mind that if you stray from the BEST option sometimes that is ok!

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