What you need to know about IVF with Dr. Merhi

Nov 15, 2021 , ,

On this week’s episode of Food, Freedom and Fertility Sophia Pavia interviews Dr. Merhi about IVF and the variety of work his center is currently working on.  

Dr. Merhi is the founder and the medical director of Rejuvenating Fertility Center (RFC). He is an internationally recognized fertility doctor, lecturer, editor, and grant reviewer. His training and faculty appointments included Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, and University of Vermont. He is currently a Professor at SUNY Downstate University. He has three American Board certifications in OB/GYN, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, and High-Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD).

Dr. Merhi is an active researcher with an interest in women with Low Ovarian Reserve (low AMH or high FSH), PRP ovarian rejuvenation, gentle stimulation IVF, natural IVF, and IVF without injectables. His research also focuses on technologies, such as Ozone Sauna, that could improve egg quality.

Tune in this week as Sophia and Dr. Merhi have a candid conversation about IVF in the past, present and more importantly where it is going in the future!

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