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By caitlin
By caitlin
Sperm Quality
By caitlin
Fertility Dietitians
Seed Cycling
By caitlin
By caitlin
Sperm Quality
By caitlin
Fertility Dietitians
Seed Cycling
By caitlin
Fertility Dietitians

Meet Sophia and Caitlin

The Food Freedom Fertility podcast started when Caitlin’s mom overheard a conversation between Caitlin and Sophia about fertility nutrition. As registered dietitians and experts in their field discussing fertility nutrition and human health, their banter was funny, honest, and insightful.  

Sophia and Caitlin both specialize in prenatal, fertility, pregnancy, and postnatal nutrition, and invite you into their conversation about all things food, freedom, and fertility!


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What They’re Saying

Ashley, 27

Our journey started 6 years ago when my husband and I wanted to start our family. What we thought would be easy ended up being one of the most difficult processes of our lives. By the time my therapist referred me to Sophia, we had done 3 rounds of fertility treatments and my body had stopped responding. I had developed recurring yeast infections, bacterial infections, and I had not had a period in 6 months. After working with Sophia for 3 months, I no longer have any infections and I have had 2 periods on my own!! I would not be here without her help. There is not enough words or “thank you”s that can be said to show how much that I am grateful. God has truly blessed her and her work!

What They’re Saying

Betsy S, pregnant and excited with PCOS

After trying to conceive for 9 years, and not having a period for over 6 months, I was able to get a period and conceive! I couldn’t believe it. Caitlin gave me the easiest route to my cycle and informed me how to time sex for conception. After just three months of working with Caitlin I am pregnant. Just wow! Not to mention, my skin has never looked better. I’ll never be able to thank Caitlin for her support. She gave me the gift of motherhood.

What They’re Saying

Rachel, 29

Working with Sophia was one of the most enjoyable parts of my TTC journey. Having an ally who is right there, ready to answer your questions and who has real science and data to back it up gave me so much peace throughout the process.

What They’re Saying

Ruby M, mother of one, conceived after PCOS diagnosis

Caitlin taught me more in one visit than my fertility specialist has in multiple visits. Pregnant within 6 months of working together.

What They’re Saying

Jess, 35

We went into IVF round 2 with a few more tests, medication adjustments, and specific diet changes suggested by Sophia. We got 11 embryos, 6 of which were genetically normal. I’m now 34 weeks pregnant with TWINS and our babies are due in May!

What They’re Saying

Molly H, now mom of 2.

Caitlin has been helping me with various health issues for a couple years. I most appreciate her kindness and relatable personality. Some of the things she’s helped me with have been huge life changers for me, for example IBS, infertility, weight loss, food needs while breastfeeding, etc. Honestly, having someone who is able to understand the medical side of things but willing to consider the holistic, integrative approach that I tend to prefer.