Travelling While TTC

On today’s episode of Food Freedom and Fertility Caitlin and Sophia help women trying to conceive find healthy alternatives while traveling. They will share helpful tips and tools they personally implemented during their own fertility journeys. It doesn’t matter how or where you are traveling there are healthier alternatives and today we dive in on what those are.

Sleep plays a huge factor in your overall health and is important to consider when you are TTC. It is also important to remember to consider time zones when you are measuring your BBT. Caitlin and Sophia explain exactly how to do this so that you are compensating for the time change. They also give some great tips on how to create a premium sleep environment while traveling.

When traveling sometimes finding a healthy place to eat is difficult. This episode will help guide you to the right choices you are faced with the golden arches or other fast food options. Hopefully this episode will arm you with the right information to help you make smart choices in any scenario. If you have the time and the ability to meal/snack prep for your trip Sophia and Caitlin give numerous ideas on which snacks (chilled and room temp) are the best choice for your fertility and your road trip cravings.

Caitlin and Sophia want listeners to relax and let go of those anxieties around travelling while also trying to conceive. The best thing to take away from this episode is to prioritize protein, don’t skip out on hydration, continue to eat colorful fruits and veggies where you can and enjoy your travel!  Travel can be a beautiful way to enjoy your life and your partner while you are trying to conceive.

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