TTC Friendly Kitchen Swaps

May 30, 2022 , ,

In this episode of Food, Freedom and Fertility Caitlin and Sophia are discussing TCC friendly kitchen swaps! Caitlin and Sophia have some great tips on how to make easy swaps in the kitchen to better serve yourself and your fertility. Women with PCOS have increased effects with plastic exposure. By reducing plastic exposure in the kitchen you help control and influence the way your genetics interact with your environment.

So how do you determine how to curate your kitchen to support your health and fertility? The question you need to ask yourself is, what is your specific exposure? How often are you being exposed? Items you use more frequently or that have greater exposure risks should be on the short list to swap out. We’ll talk about what needs to get out today and what items you may want to swap out down the line when you have the means.

In today’s episode Caitlin and Sophia explain how certain single use plastics are the biggest offenders of exposure in the kitchen and what they recommended as alternatives to swap out. We are diving into kitchen swaps for hot beverages, storage containers, plastic wrap, non-stick pans, cooking utensils, the microwave, water bottles, water filtration, and much more!  

The biggest take away from this episode is that you are in control of your health and fertility journey and can make small but important changes to better serve yourself.  

Don’t feel that you need to throw out everything in your kitchen and restart, you can take control by identifying some of your biggest exposures and making changes where you can.

To look up ratings on different plastics and exposure check out


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