What You Need to Know About Pelvic Floor Health with Amanda Fisher, DPT

Apr 5, 2021 ,

In this week’s episode of Food, Freedom, and Fertility, special guest, Amanda Fisher, joins Caitlin and Sophia to discuss all things related to women’s health through the lens of their pelvic floor.  As mainstream health topics & trends tend to overlook the finite details of women’s health as it pertains to pain during sex, lubrication, reaching an orgasm, and more; Caitlin, Sophia, and Amanda seek to provide listeners with helpful ways of identifying self care through discussion relating the pelvic floor to any other muscle in the body that needs maintenance and attention. 

Amanda Fisher is a doctor of physical therapy and owner of Empower Your Pelvis, a clinic specifically for pelvic floor physical therapy in Kansas City, Missouri. She’s loves bringing awareness to public health. As a woman who has experienced health issues related to her pelvic floor, her awareness and mission comes from an honest place in hopes of educating those who struggle with pain during many of life’s important practices.    

Caitlin, Sophia, and Amanda start out the episode by establishing common ground and ways in which women experience pain as a result of issues with their pelvic floor.  In doing so, Amanda explains common misconceptions of what women think is the issue, for instance their pelvic floor is too loose, when in reality, it may be too tight.  By explaining that the pelvic floor is similar to every other muscle in the human body, it may be experiencing stress that manifests itself in tightness, causing pain when stretched. 

Since a visit to a pelvic floor physical therapist may be unfamiliar territory for many women, Caitlin, Sophia, and Amanda discuss a typical appointment and the goals Amanda would like to see in a patient coming to seek assistance.  This relates to helpful ways women can listen and take in information to incorporate in their day-to-day routine.  Through discussing the ways in which pelvic floor physical therapy can help re-train the muscle tissue in multiple stages of a women’s life, Amanda hopes to reach listeners in a way that encourages them to be proactive when it comes to the health of their pelvic floor.

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