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In this episode we compare and contrast the 3 top of the market ovulation/tracking wearables! The 3 we review today are TempDrop, Ava Bracelet, and Ovusense. Spoiler: Ava is Sophia’s favorite and she’s an affiliate so you can get a $20 discount by mentioning the name Sophia Pavia at checkout, or by clicking this link: 

 But before you decide, let’s talk about TempDrop.


  • Measures temperature only. However, it measures the nuances of your temperature over time so it does more than a regular drug-store thermometer. It accounts for things like sleeping in a room with AC or a fan, sleeping under a heavy blanket, etc.
  • Measures your lowest temperature while you’re sleeping, so no need to set alarms and temp at the same time everyday
  • That makes it a good option for shift workers, nursing moms, and women with irregular periods (hello PCOS and HA!).
  • Lets you use other apps, not just their own proprietary app, so you don’t have to abandon whatever other app you’ve been using if you have a lot of data there.
  • Gives you lifelong access to your data, even if you stopped using the device
  • Take 14 days to begin to show trends, but give it up to 60 days before relying on it as a means of TTC or TTA
  • No charging! Battery does need to be replaced every 6-9 months.
  • Worn on upper arm near armpit
  • Pricing
    • Basic: 1-time fee of $160, NO returns but does include 12 month warranty
    • Confidence: $199 includes 1 year returns and 24 month warranty
    • Freedom: 1 year returns 36 month warranty, extra battery, and care plan


  • Measures 5 parameters of fertility
    • Basal Body Temperature & temperature nuances
    • Resting Heart Rate
    • Sleep duration & quality
    • Heart Rate Variability
    • Breathing Rate
  • NOT water resistant, and a replacement isn’t free (learn THAT the hard way)
  • Family and fertility positive, not marketed for women who are TTA or on hormonal BC (but Sophia used it to avoid pregnancy for a while anyway)
  • Learns your cycles, one by one. Accumulates data over time and gets more accurate the more you use it
  • Takes 2 full cycles before fully effective
  • Synchs to it’s own app, where you can also store other cycle info (spotting, CM, cervical position, etc)
  • It’s a bracelet you wear around your wrist at bedtime and synch via bluetooth in the morning
  • Has a super nifty built-in vibrating alarm, to wake you up but nobody else
  • Untested for PCOS – but Sophia loves it for PCOS anyway
    • Shows all the parameters of fertility, so I can see more than temperature for my clients
    • Stress and sleep are key for PCOS fertility success, and being able to track resting heart rate, breathing rate, sleep quality, and heart rate variability is SO HELPFUL in seeing ways to support PCOS outside of blood sugar control and nutrition
  • Annoyingly, the app logs out randomly and makes you log back in. Who remembers passwords these days anyway?
  • Has a great referral program and also a very helpful blog!
  • Pricing:
    • Basic: $279 includes bracelet itself and access to blog + community
    • Plus: $299 refund if you’re not preg in 1 year and free ebook
    • Premium: $359 refund if you’re not preg in 6 months and ebook


  • You sleep with it IN YOUR VAG! Yes, you read/heard me right. Shove it in, ladies!
  • Tracks temperature only, like TempDrop
  • Predicts the DAY of ovulation, not just a “fertile window”
  • Does this by predicting progesterone levels
  • Tracks even if your cycles are irregular or if you have anovulatory cycles (PCOS, HA, etc.)
  • You have to use their app, and you have to pay for that access every month
  • Pricing
    • $129 for 2 months of device + online synching system
    • $299 for 12 months
    • $499 for “pro” and 12 months of device + synching program
    • Month-to-month is $35/month
  • This pricing model can be challenging if it takes you more than a year to conceive, or if you want to use it for multiple pregnancies. Plus… you wear it in your vag. If you’re a night pooper, this would NOT be right for you.

Overall, the Ava Bracelet is Sophia’s fave, but each one really depends on the user and her preferences! Each one works differently, and from what we can tell each one works well. Sophia is just a data nerd so she loves Ava.

Choose for yourself! Happy wearing (or shoving)!

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