Sophia Has a BABY

Feb 22, 2021

*Trigger Warning*  – Birth Story

In this special episode of Food, Freedom, and Fertility our very own, Sophia, shares the story of her recent home birth. For listeners triggered by birth stories, we look forward to sharing more episodes with you in the future.  For all others, we hope you enjoy this sacred experience shared and discussed while sparing no details. 

Sophia decided to have a home birth, as her Mother had done with her, after observing the healthy optics shown in at-home births.  In making this decision, Sophia chose to pursue a midwife accompanied by a team of both professionals and up & coming members. While reflecting on the final days of pregnancy, Sophia explains how a relationship with a midwife can be successful and how expectations can be established to produce a successful, well-versed birthing process.  This to which, was best for her from the start and may not be for some families, depending on their immediate medical history and expectations.

When discussing the details of her transition period we would again, advise listeners that these details aren’t censored and dive into the realities of a home birth.  Through conversation with Caitlin, tactics and coping methods are shared in attempts to ensure listeners that the experience can be totally individual to your own body and its environment. Through this conversation, Sophia and Caitlin emphasize how it is totally okay to experience something unseen in the fertility community.

In a truthful testament to the conversation of postpartum depression, Sophia shares the chemical reactions her body experienced, leaving her with very little sleep. In navigating those waters, Sophia aimed to take an organic approach to wellness by delegating tasks to her husband in order to gain some quiet time to center her body.  This can also be extremely specific to every family and through this conversation, Sophia & Caitlin hope to guide listeners with a roadmap of contingency plans that families may adhere to based on their own unique journey.  We hope you enjoy this sincere and honest episode as we gather ourselves to continue making content the fertility community, and hopefully beyond, may appreciate.     

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