Male Factor Infertility with Lauren Manaker, RD and author of Fueling Male Fertility

Mar 29, 2021

In this week’s episode, Caitlin interviews award-winning registered dietitian, Lauren Manacor, in a special episode discussing fertility in men.  After her own 5-year fertility journey, Lauren decided to take on the topic of fertility in men as she saw a need to break the habits society tends to place on women when trying to conceive. Her first book, Fueling Male Fertility, gained steps towards sharing her research and observations and as a regular contributor for PopSugar, Very Well Health, and Eat the Outcome, Lauren aims to help families approach fertility health from both the female and male perspective. In today’s episode, Caitlin & Lauren dive into sperm health, discussing male factor infertility and semen analysis by outlining testing steps & diet practices shown to help couples gain ground when starting a family. 

Lauren & Caitlin start off by identifying foods and supplements research has shown to improve semen health.  In an eye opening dialogue, Lauren outlines the need for an individualized approach when it comes to assessing men’s health and next steps regarding proper nutrition for sperm health.  Foods containing antioxidants such as lycopene are discussed as studies have shown them to have a positive effect on men’s fertility.  Along with how to change your diet for the better, Lauren also outlines the realistic timeline of when to expect results, which helps those eager to see changes, set healthy expectations for their fertility journey.

Lauren & Caitlin continue to discuss male fertility within the context of popular opinions relating to alcohol & smoking.  It may not be a surprise that smoking cigarettes results in a negative fertility effect in men while drinking alcohol moderately tells a different tale. In an effort to teach listeners the observations gathered around diet, Lauren & Caitlin place the emphasis on sharing hidden truths with listeners so individuals can be advised on where to place their focus when making lifestyle changes.  To outline a health plan for any listeners interested, Lauren pinpoints specific nutrients shown to support sperm health, such as vitamin C, along with purposed diet plans for anyone starting on this fertility path.

Additionally, Lauren takes the time to explain how important sperm testing can be for men as a way to see the baseline of how nutrients and levels are presently established in order to create an individualized plan towards fertility.  By sharing helpful conversations of sperm testing, physical & diet practices, Lauren & Caitlin hope to encourage men and women to reach for equal, accountable heights when beginning their fertility journey.

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