Sophia’s Birth Story

Trigger Warning: This episode discusses a birth story and if this is something you would like to skip over please feel free to do so.

Last week on Food, Freedom and Fertility Sophia shared what her TTC journey looked like and this week Sophia we delve into the story of baby Jenny’s birth. We hear about the ups and downs of her pregnancy, the preparations she made, and the moments that led up to the birth of her child.

Sophia takes us through her journey, sharing her emotions and experiences along the way. She talks about the excitement and nervousness she felt as her due date approached, and the different strategies she used to manage her thoughts. As the story unfolds, we hear about the challenges Sophia faced during labor, and the ways in which she coped with the pain and uncertainty. We learn about the support she received from her partner, God,  and her birthing team, and the important role they played in helping her through the birthing process.

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