Season Kick Off – Infertility Listener Interview – Part 1

Feb 20, 2023

Welcome back to Food Freedom and Fertility! We are kicking off Season 2 with one of a special guest… one of you!  Last season we finished with a contest for our listeners to give us a review and you could win a guest spot on the podcast. Caitlin Dillon wrote a great review and she is the lucky winner. Or shall we say we are lucky to have her on the podcast to share her personal fertility journey.

During this 2-part episode our guest, Caitlin shares her path and discuss some of the difficulty and confusion surrounding her experience. This episode (and the next) are special because it gives you some insight on what it is to work with Sophia Pavia or Caitlin Johnson. Caitlin and Sophia answer some questions and offer their advice and support to Caitlin. They also her help decipher some of the messages she has been getting from her doctors.

This first episode is a 2-part episode because having a listener who is currently going through her journey was so exciting and there was so much to be discussed.  

Caitlin, our guest,  also introduces a new and exciting treatment that she has used from  Europe, that tests your menstrual blood and sends a report back. Through FERTILYSIS Female Microbiome testing, they can detect hidden infections of the uterus causing endometritis, which could lead to implantation failure, recurrent miscarriages and pregnancy complications.

Towards the end of the episode they start to dive deeper into Caitlin’s data, labs and personal habits and share helpful tools and tips.

Be sure to come back next week to listen to part 2 of Season Kick Off – Infertility Listener Interview


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