Red Meat and Fertility with Diana Rodgers of Sacred Cow

Welcome to Food, Freedom and Fertility. Today we have Diana Rodgers. She is a dietitian and the author of Sacred Cow. She is an expert on the intersection of nutrition and sustainable agriculture.

One thing in her book that she discusses is that there are there are three separate buckets: nutrition, environment, and ethics. They are separate butintricately intertwined. Those buckets are:

1.     Nutrition

2.     Environment

3.     Ethics

Diana shares how they chose the bucket topics and how the order was chosen. In her book, Sacred Cow she does a wonderful job explaining it in the most understandable way. You can find her book HERE  

We have all heard the rumor that “Americans eat too much meat”, well Diana debunks that myth and shares some other shocking numbers with the listeners and she also explains the optimal amount of protein needed and why beef is such a great option. She also explains why meat is so important in fulfilling your micronutrient dietary needs. She likes to use Chronometer to track micronutrients. You can find the Cronometer HERE.

Another topic that comes up often is that red meat is considered a carcinogenic. She breaks down the scale of how the rating compares to other daily activities and the percentages so that listeners can make an informed decision on if the value of red meat outweighs the risk. Spoiler alert… Diana, Caitlin and Sophia all agree that red meat has some extremely wonderful prosperities that our bodies need especially when TTC or breastfeeding.

Should you spend the extra money on grass fed beef? Today’s episode covers this topic from a nutritional perspective and an ethical standpoint.  Diana shares her advice on what you should be eating if you are trying to conceive. She recommends fatty fish, eggs, and fatty cuts of meat. 4-6 oz of meat three times per day, or 30 grams of protein per day. Cronometer is important to keep track of your dietary intake.

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