Omega-3 and Fish Oil – Importance in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy with Ayla Baummer

Mar 6, 2023

Welcome to the 95th episode of Food, Freedom and Fertility! This week we have the founder of FullWell Fertility, Ayla Baummer, MS, RD, LDN. 

Ayla founded FullWell as an adjunct to her clinical practice at Boston Functional Nutrition because she wanted to make the evidence-based, effective, and high-quality supplement they created for their clients available to the rest of the world.

Sophia and Caitlin have been fans of Ayla’s and FullWell long before the FFF podcast was born. Ayla has joined numerous times on the podcast but this time the focus is on Omega-3 and Fish Oil and the  Importance in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy. 

In addition to all of the amazing information you will learn in this podcast AND the discount of 10% you will receive using the code : FFF10… Ayla is giving a full set of her products to one lucky winner. To take part in the contest you need to follow FullWell on Instagram (@fullwellfertility), go to join their email list. One lucky listener will win: prenatal multi, men’s prenatal, nourish nerves, fish oil. Be sure to enter.

During this episode we discuss a few of the products on FullWell’s website such as their tincture and why it was created but the big focus today is on Fish Oil.  Fish Oil is wonderful because fish are packed with a variety of benefits, they are very nutrient dense. Unfortunately, seafood consumption has been declining over the years, due to supply and contamination. In a perfect world it is ideal to consume whole foods first but it can be difficult due to the above-mentioned challenges.  

FullWell’s fish oil is sourced from small fish such as anchovies and sardines. These fish are raised in a sustainable fishery off of the coast of Peru. Ayla shares more important and transparent details about the manufacturing, the testing and the overall full process. All of the test results are shared so that consumers can feel good about the quality of fish oil they are taking as fish oil is a very fragile oil. The shelf life of FullWell’s fish oil is 2 years and meant to be stored at room temp.

Sophia, Caitlin and Ayla discuss what amount of fish oil should someone be taking, which they suggested 400mg if you are severely deficient while TTC. Again, getting your fish oil from whole food is always best, but a high-quality fish oil is a wonderful alternative. If you eat fish but you are intimidated by cooking fish, Caitlin suggested using non – bleached parchment paper packets, add olive oil, lemon and steam… this takes away the fishy flavor.

Ayla and our hosts discuss ethical concerns about fish. Ayla shares that if you do not consume any fish, taking a Vegan algae-based omega 3 supplement would be better than taking nothing at all. The stakes are very high if you can’t meet the Omega 3 levels. This could affect your body’s healthy blood flow or the ability to combat inflammation. They also mention that taking the correct level of Omega 3’s improves the ability for implantation and it is critical for fertilization. Another vegan alternative to fish oil instead of algae would be Oysters, since they have no central nervous system.

Ayla shares with listeners her thoughts on dosage changes throughout your pregnancy and why, how to take a fish oil, the best time of day to take it and should it be taken with food.  She also emphasizes the importance of the male partner’s need for fish oil too.

Ayla has done a wonderful job of creating a fish oil product that is not only thoughtfully sourced, fully tested and transparent, but she manages to keep the price lower than equal competitors because it is only sold on the FullWell’s website. In addition to creating a product to help the vitality of your pregnancy… FullWell is also helping to clean up the ocean by removing 1lb of plastic and trash from the ocean for every product purchased.

One final message from Ayla is that she looks to empower people with education so they can make the best decision for their family and lifestyle. Always advocate for yourself.


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