Minerals and Hormonal Health with Robyn Johnson, RD and Creator of Rayvi

Welcome to another episode of Food Freedom and Fertility. This week we have Robyn Johnson, RD as a guest to discuss minerals and hormonal health. Robyn’s expertise is as follows:

·      Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

·      Bachelor of Science from University of Nebraska

·      Master of Science from Kansas University Medical Center

·      Trainings in clinical nutrition, women’s health, skin health
and functional & integrative medicine therapies

This is a very educational episode as Robyn and our hosts discuss the way minerals work in your body, specifically focused on hormonal health.

Robyn’s journey with Rayvi started when she created a mineral mocktail that went viral on social media and she realized there so many people need to give attention to their mineral intake. Robyn wanted to help deliver a nutritious solution to match clinical needs with convenience. After working with clients for years, she has seen first-hand how powerful optimizing mineral intake can be. From supporting energy levels, to gut health, skin and hormones, minerals are foundational to good health.

Robyn shares with us how minerals work in the body. Minerals allow all the signals in the body to work, without them…body signals would not be able to communicate properly and for the most part… we don’t make the minerals our body needs, we should be getting them from our food intake but with the stress of daily life and the declining levels of minerals in our food supply majority of us are deficient and our cells (and health) are left to struggle.

During this episode as we discuss different minerals and all that surrounds them, keep in mind that majority of the studies done to test the soil quality are not current, most of the studies were completed in the 1970’s so the data isn’t up to date.

Sodium is a feared mineral but Robyn helps clear up myths about it and also shares with you some symptoms that point to mineral imbalance. Some of those symptoms are: fatigue, afternoon crashes, constipation, feeling puffing, and drinking water but still feeling puffy. She also discusses the difference between trace mineral drops and Rayvi. Rayvi is Robyn’s company that makes mineral intake easy. It supports energy and vitality by properly hydrating your cells and providing an antioxidant boost. If you are unfamiliar with trace mineral drops, they have a little bit of a lot of minerals where as Rayvi has a lot of potassium and focuses on macro minerals. Rayvi also has high standards in place, such as ingredients are sourced from regenative farms, that are taking care of the land and the soil. Rayvi’s current flavors include Hibiscus Raspberry, Passion Pineapple and Ginger Turmeric. An at home DIY mineral cocktail could be: Coconut water, pinches of salt, splash of cranberry.

Minerals in relation to  trying to conceive, pregnancy and men’s health is a hot topic and this episode supplies info on all of those areas. Robyn explains why it is hard to overdose on minerals why you are pregnant. It also shares tips about how minerals can help any vomiting during pregnancy and other helpful facts. As a breastfeeding mother it is important to ensure you have quality mineral absorption as your needs are high because breastfeeding is a demanding process, hydration is boosted by proper minerals which allows you to produce milk. You are your babies entire nutrient support  as a breastfeeding mother. Robyn also discusses how minerals affect the sex hormones and how certain levels of minerals can fluctuate your hormones.

Water carries a lot of minerals in it so this is broken down for you so that you can understand the quality of minerals in your drinking water. It all depends on your water source and your city. Certain water filters should be chosen to minimize contaminates but you must be careful and research your water source because some filters can also filter out minerals and you will need to replace them. To learn more about your local water check out the EWG tap water data base. You can also have your water tested through the company Simply Water.

While listening to this episode you will ask yourself… how can I be more proactive in choosing foods that might also be helpful in my mineral status… well don’t worry! That question is answered. The easiest way to remember is : Roots and Fruits! We all know fruits but these are some great roots to include in your diet:  potatoes, beets, carrots, rutabagas, turnips, parsnips, and squashes. If you can source your veggies and fruit from nutrient dense soil that will help your mineral intake as well. Animal based foods will help your mineral intake along with adding brewer’s yeast, coco powder or bee pollen to recipes, smoothies and meals.

If you would like to try out the Rayvi products checkout the links below and be sure to try out some of their at home mineral mocktail recipes. However, if you feel like you are running on survival mode and have some of the symptoms discussed in this episode you should consider talking to a medical professional for additional help.

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