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Welcome back to another episode of Food Freedom and Fertility, on this episode we are super excited to welcome back Amy Beckley, founder of Proov. Amy, who is an infertility veteran and PhD Scientist and the inventor of Proov. After three years of infertility and seven miscarriages, Amy applied her own science expertise to uncover a luteal phase defect (a problem with ovulation quality). With help from her doctor and a simple supplement, Amy was able to get pregnant with her daughter. 
Inspired to help other women, Amy teamed up with co-founder Ellen Schell to launch Proov — a company dedicated to empowering women at every stage of life to track their own hormones quickly and easily at home.

Amy shares her personal journey with infertility and how it inspired her to invent Proov. The history of Proov and where it began will help you understand how valuable of a product it is and Amy does a great job of explaining how to take the test, read the test, how to address your providers with your concerns based on the results. She also explains how all of your results are connected to an app customizes a guide to help you through your cycle.

Amy, Caitlin and Sophia also discuss the biology behind what and why Proov testing is so valuable on the conception path. The product line that Proov now has expanded from the original progesterone test they started with. They have now moved on to an ovulation test, a test to called Reserve to check your FSH Levels (this helps quantify your egg count). They also have a test called Complete that measures all 4 hormones across the cycle and more. Here is the current list: 

  • Predict & Confirm Kit
  • Confirm PdG Tests
  • Sperm Test
  • Predict LH Tests
  • Check Pregnancy Tests
  • Reserve FSH Tests

In addition, they also have a full line of Cycle Support to improve your fertility care. They have support for every stage of your reproductive journey. You can find the tests and the supplements HERE!

Amy also shares that even now that she is not TTC she uses Proov to help her address her body and the monthly changes that occur.

In the world of fertility Sophia, Caitlin and Amy would love to see more research on other concepts besides IVF. They are all supporters of IVF but feel the other areas of fertility could benefit greatly if some of the focus was redirected.

Amy was last on the FFF podcast in 2019 and she shares how 2020 was a great year for doctors and clinics to see how helpful at home testing can be, she also shares what has changed over the past 3 years. Proov has ample support from Doctors because it is very reliable. Amy addresses why it is so reliable and also how to bring up the tests and advocate for yourself.

Proov is a wonderful resources to help women and a big component of that is the app. It is similar to a Cycle tracking app but with your specific hormones to back it. The app can help you tailor your diet and lifestyle according to your cycle. The app also shares which supplements would work the best with each phase of the woman’s cycle.

If you would love more information on Proov, you can visit their website We have always been super fans of Amy and everything happening at Proov and we are happy that they have joined this season as a sponsor of the podcast. You can use a special FFF discount code on their site. See below for details

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