Interstitial Cystitis and Fertility with Callie Krajcir, RD

On this week’s episode of Food Freedom and Fertility we are going to discuss Interstitial Cystitis and Fertility with Callie Krajcir, RDN, Nutrition Coach. Callie has lived with IC since she was very young.  Elementary through college her symptoms would cause her pain and put her on a rollercoaster of emotions as she continued to see a variety of doctors who did not know what was wrong with her. During college she tried a variety of treatment methods and learned to advocate for herself because doctors would eventually give up. She felt isolated and learned how to alleviate a lot of her symptoms through her diet. She entered the field of nutrition in hopes of being able to help others suffering from the same condition.

Today, Callie shares with us her story and her symptoms, which started with burning while urinating. She also helps provide insight to what a flare up could look and feel like and how it affects her personal life and how to be a supportive partner/friend to someone who maybe suffering with IC. She also shares how her journey about how nutrition helps keep her symptoms minimal and exactly what foods and other triggers that can be bothersome for IC.

IC is somewhat of a taboo topic because some people feel awkward with the discussion but 4-8 million women and 1-3 million men have IC in the US. There are subtypes of IC and Callie helps break down the differences.  The onset of IC is more common around the age of 30-40. Callie shares a quick list of foods that may cause a flare up and also supplements that can support IC patients, along with suggestions of what type of treatment team would be helpful. She also shares strategies that can be put into place to help with sex.

If you or someone you may know maybe suffering from IC, please visit Callie’s website: to learn more. Callie has a signature program that is called Road to Remission, which she teaches about IC and nutrition After the 6 months of the program (Identifying diet triggers, elimination diets, etc.) the client gets a lifetime membership to the program. IC is a condition that requires a lot of community and support. When in Callie’s program people feel as if a 50lb weight have fallen off their shoulders which helps them in the mental health arena as well as reducing the stress response in their bodies associated with that stress.

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