Infertility Listener Interview- Part 2

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Welcome to the second season and 93rd episode of Food Freedom and Fertility. This episode jumps in where the 92nd episode left off with our guest and listener Caitlin Dillon. Caitlin was a listener who participated in a contest last season and won the opportunity to be a guest on the podcast. Last episode Caitlin and Sophia discussed what Caitlin Dillon and her husband have been doing in their TTC journey. We pick up as we dive deeper in to Caitlin’s data, labs and personal habits.  While Caitlin and Sophia give additional suggestions and recommendations for the Dillons they also remind them that they are working very hard on a very emotional task and praise them for the work they have done to this point.  

Some of the additional information our hosts share are tips on how to help inflammation such as eating leafy green veggies, fish and fruits. They also discuss signs to tell if you have inflammation. Typically, when progesterone is not optimal inflammation is the first place to look. Some of the signs are painful joints or a puffy face.

One topic up for discussion was the importance of a pelvic floor therapist in a woman’s life and how valuable it is to see one. They suggest that every woman at some point in their life see a PFT.

In summary, Caitlin and Sophia share what they would suggest that Caitlin and her husband do next in their journey. First on the list is to dive into Caitlin’s progesterone levels, make an appointment with a pelvic floor therapist, move forward with FERTILYSIS, tame inflammation issues, look into Caitlin’s husbands high white blood cells in his semen, rule out Caitlin’s L-shaped cervix. There is a type of massage technique from central America called “Maya Abdominal Therapy” and it manually repositions the uterus which could help with the cervix. And finally, Caitlin should get her clotting factors tested for Antiphospholipid (an autoimmune disorder that is associated with pregnancy complications, including preeclampsia, thrombosis, autoimmune thrombocytopenia, fetal growth restriction, and fetal loss) and a blood test called D -dimer.

It was a pleasure having a listener join the podcast for these 2 special episodes and we hope that some of the info shared in this podcast can be valuable in your journey as well. Also, a huge thank you Caitlin for your vulnerability and your confidence in sharing your story with Food,  Freedom and Fertility.


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