God’s Design for Sex and How to Hold to The Goodness Sex Brings Marriages In Hard Seasons

In this episode of Food, Freedom and Fertility, we discuss God’s Design for Sex and how to hold the goodness sex brings marriages during the hard season. We delve into the topics of sex and intimacy, challenges when trying to conceive and exploring a deeper understanding of connection within relationships. We have Francie Winslow, host of Heaven in Your Home Podcast that talks about sex, marriage and the mission of God. 

The discussion begins with Francie sharing her personal story of her relationship wiht god and  the concept of purity and the potential challenges faced by individuals who struggle to embrace their sexuality after marriage, leading to feelings of disconnection and how to get through those. Francie invites listeners to consider God’s purpose and intent for intimacy, drawing inspiration from the biblical account of Adam and Eve. The idea that becoming “one flesh” extends beyond physical union is explored, highlighting the notion that fruitful living encompasses bringing forth goodness and benefiting the world through intimate connections.

Moving forward, the episode discusses how sex can feel more like a job or chore within the infertility community. Caitlin and Francie also discuss intimacy with your partner and offer practical thoughts for those who feel exhausted or stuck in a sexual rut. The importance of viewing intimacy in a broader context is emphasized, with an emphasis on understanding that sex is more than a mere act. Genuine connection, vulnerability, and prioritizing one’s unashamed, authentic self are vital aspects of nurturing and nourishing each other in a relationship.This concept can get lost when a couple’s focus is trying to conceive. 

The discussion continues by stressing the significance of building and maintaining connection and intimacy, particularly during challenging seasons. Practical tips for jump-starting marital connections are shared, aiming to reignite passion and intimacy. Shifting gears, the podcast delves into a candid conversation about female pleasure, providing insights into women’s anatomy, such as the clitoris, and the importance of understanding individual preferences and pacing in order to experience pleasure. The episode mentions resources like Bonnie Burns’ book “Unlock Your Orgasm,” which offers guidance on enhancing intimacy and exploring pleasure within relationships.

Concluding the episode, the focus turns to nurturing intimacy during pregnancy when individuals may not feel their most beautiful. Francie and Caitlin disucss various ways to build intimacy during this transformative period, encouraging listeners to explore the different facets of connection beyond physical appearance.

Overall, this episode serves as an enlightening and thought-provoking exploration of sex, intimacy, and connection, encouraging listeners to stay connected during the more difficlt times. 

If you would like to learn more about Francie Winsow you can visit her website: www.FrancieWinslow.com


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