Back to Basics – PCOS

Welcome to the season 3 season opener of Food, Freedom, and Fertility. Host Caitlin and Sophia start season 3 talking about getting back to the basics and emphasizing on women diagnosed with PCOS.

This episode is one you will definitely want to listen to if you are wanting to start from scratch and learn about things you can be doing now to help your fertility and get one step closer to getting those two pink lines.

Caitlin and Sophia engage in an in-depth discussion on PCOS labs, workouts to help your fertility and ones to avoid, how to advocate for yourself at the doctor’s office and so much more. 

Be sure to have your notepads ready, as this episode is a goldmine of wisdom that you won’t want to miss. Tune in to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to navigate your fertility journey with grace and clarity.

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