Request These Tests When Newly Pregnant

Mar 8, 2021

In this episode of Food, Freedom, and Fertility, Sophia rejoins Caitlin to discuss the important test procedures women should seek when first discovering they are with child.  Caitlin and Sophia aim to provide reasons for listeners to catalog and tools to contribute when discussing next steps with a healthcare provider.  The ideal tests women should inquire about revolve around Progesterone, Vitamin D, and TSH. 

Progesterone is a hormone your body produces right after ovulation and varies depending on if there has been successful egg fertilization. So if there’s no pregnancy, the production of progesterone will quickly diminish when a women gets her period. A reason to test progesterone levels in the early stages of pregnancy contributes to its way of sustaining pregnancy, as it is responsible for holding the uterine lining in place. During this segment, Sophia & Caitlin take the time to explain the ideal amount of this hormone as well as strong conversation points to discuss with your health care professional.  

The other big test to consider asking for early on in pregnancy is Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and is the only vitamin one can get from another means besides food consumption. Vitamin D comes into play in many phases of fertility as it is involved with many different processes our body needs to build new tissues. It is measured in a range of nanograms per milliliter. A different range is considered for sufficient human growth, apart from what is truly ideal for pregnancy, which is a contributing factor and point of conversation when requesting the test from a heath care provider. 

The final test Sophia & Caitlin recommend requesting once you confirm a pregnancy is TSH, which stands for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. Studies show a correlation between a higher window of TSH and miscarriages which is why Sophia & Caitlin recommend this test to their clients 100% of the time.   Since the number can change very quickly, it’s important to get this tested as soon as your pregnancy is known.  In this episode, Sophia & Caitlin lay out the facts research shows when testing THS and the ways in which your diet and other forms of medication can contribute to healthier thyroid numbers going forward.  In this episode, Sophia & Caitlin aim to prep listeners with the knowledge of what healthcare professionals first evaluate when you become pregnant, along with the truths of additional important factors to discuss in order to be proactive in a successful pregnancy. 


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